Are You Black Friday Ready?

Black Friday is soon to be upon us yet again. The annual big discount day will be 24th November this year and doubtless many retailers have their promotional plans in place. There is a huge amount of effort put into attracting bargain hunters via online channels. This makes good business sense as it lowers costs and can simplify the fulfilment process. But for many, you can’t beat the thrill of being first through the door and getting those discounted items. Which begs the question whether your locations are physically ready for the wave of bargain hunters when you open on Friday morning.

No retailer is going to turn down a surge of shoppers coming through the doors. But that increase in footfall brings challenges. Fixtures and fittings can experience several months of use in just a single day. HVAC and power accessories will be working overtime to deal with the surge in demand. Lighting will need to be fully operational. And of course, from a safety perspective there must be no issues with fire and emergency systems.

Little things make a big difference

Something as seemingly innocuous as a loose carpet tile can become a potential disaster for a retailer. So, before the 24th comes round make sure your locations are Black Friday Ready. With help from Store Maintenance you can make sure your premises are fit and able to handle an increase in traffic. You may have changing room curtains needing repairs or faulty servicing heating and ventilation systems. Now is a great time to get your front of house looking a welcoming place for customers. All provided by experienced trades from our huge network of vetted contractors. It’s also an ideal time to have any repairs done now as you prepare for that big time of year coming up – Christmas!

If you want to make sure your retail locations are Black Friday ready, contact us now to see how you can quickly and easily make sure your premises are inviting and safe places for the public and your staff.


image showing retailers with Black Friday date


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