Retail maintenance services that protect your brand.

When your customers visit your sites they should expect the very best experience of your environment. Your staff should be proud of where they work and ready to deliver memorable service. And you want to have an estate that stays open and is safe for everyone, customer and employee alike.
Nothing should stop your locations from being great places to visit – and safe workplaces for your staff. But when problems strike your estate, every second counts. And when businesses across the UK and Europe need expert help to keep them open and delivering a great brand experience for their customers, they call Store Maintenance.

Every minute of every day throughout the year, Store Maintenance is on hand to respond to any issue – big, small or somewhere in between – within your locations. From your first call we get our people on the road to you fast and make sure you get the expert help you need to sort your problem with minimal fuss.

Store Maintenance deliver boutique and retail maintenance services through their network of expert trades covering the UK and Europe.

Keeping your locations looking amazing

Providing the very best retail experience for your customers – and a safe, enjoyable workplace for your staff – is critical to your business. Your brand reputation is important and we’re proud of how we respond quickly to issues, resolve them to the highest standards, and make sure every detail is completed. Because keeping your locations as an enjoyable experience for your customers and safe for everyone is at the heart of everything we do.

It’s more than maintenance; it’s Reacting to Retail

More than just a help desk

Expert retail maintenance starts long before our skilled crews arrive at your premises. Our round-the-clock team of first-line support staff are trained to gather the essential details and make sure you get the right help to get your estate up and running. Combine this with dedicated Account Managers who keep a constant eye on your estate, providing you with updates on callouts, follow-up each outage to make sure every aspect has been covered. It’s timely support to help reduce issues happening again and protecting your brand.

Fast response to your retail maintenance needs

The sooner our network of retail maintenance experts are on-site to fix your problems, the easier is it for you to stay open. So, we built an unrivalled network of highly skilled and qualified maintenance teams.

No waiting days on end for a lighting engineer or someone to sort out a leaking ceiling. Instead, you get a lightning-fast service that minimises downtime.

One solution for any problem

Your locations can be hit by the unlikeliest problems. Door hinges failing. Taps that won’t turn off. Annoying lights that flash and distract. Or, heaven forbid, pests invade.

Providing the very best brand experience means making sure every detail of your locations is perfect. So it’s good to know you can rely on us to sort out your problems, no matter what. And we do it quickly with minimal fuss. Store Maintenance is the only name you need to make any problem simply disappear.

Data driven support

When you manage your retail estate and its assets effectively, you maximise value and make significant savings. To help you achieve this, Store Maintenance brings a data-driven approach to supporting your facilities. With access to our own estate maintenance portal, you can access real-time updates covering key information around your estate, job volume and financial data filtered by disciplines and locations and KPI’s. All accessible anywhere from any device, with an intuitive dashboard for fast, convenient use.

If you already use Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) platforms, Store Maintenance brings unrivalled experience in managing the best known systems to augment your data-driven maintenance strategy. Rated by ServiceChannel in their top 20% of maintenance service providers globally, we help you to truly harness the power of your system. We collate every aspect of data around each task in your estate to give you a 360-degree view of your locations, their health and all work orders. Combined with detailed analysis and reporting, and you have all the information you need to manage your estate cost-effectively.

Support for all your locations

How do you care for your retail locations? Perhaps you try and build your portfolio of maintenance providers to cover all your locations. You need to remember who provides cover for which areas. Sometimes you need to know who provide specific services too. Everyone within your maintenance roster should provide the same levels of service – but will they agree? Beyond the repair services, do they all provide identical account management services? Send detailed analysis and reports of their work and your locations to help you manage your estate? Are they all consistent in how they bill you and receive payment?

Now, contrast all of that with Store Maintenance.

Just one number is all you need for any location across the UK and Europe. Our network of experienced sub-contractors, all carefully vetted and working to common Service Level Agreements, will be on their way to resolve your problems fast.

Regardless of the problem and where it is, you get identical account management. The same expert help and guidance. The same in-depth analysis and reporting. The same billing for easy cost and budget analysis. Making care of all your locations much easier than with other maintenance providers.

That’s why, from Birmingham to Berlin, Store Maintenance is the only maintenance provider you need to keep your doors open.

Store Maintenance is the leader in providing retail maintenance to iconic brands across the UK and Europe