Managing and Maintaining your Retail Locations across Europe

As a retailer you want your customers to enjoy the very best environment you can provide. And whether it is in Barcelona or Berlin, you want the same high standards and consistent brand experience. But that can difficult when your retail properties are spread across different countries in Europe.

Trying to find expert maintenance services and keeping on top of their quality, delivery and reporting can take up far more time and effort that you can give.

So when problems strike your estate, you’re not just racing against time to fix issues, You’re also hoping you have the skills within your network to respond quickly, do the work correctly, and not impact the customer experience while there.

It’s a very real problem faced by you and many other retailers. Which is why, when businesses need expert help to keep their locations open, they call Store Maintenance.

Every minute of every day throughout the year, Store Maintenance is ready to help you keep your estate open for your customers. The moment you raise an issue we use our extensive network of skilled tradesmen to get local people on-site fast. Making sure you get the highest quality skills and support you need to sort your problem with minimal fuss.

Fast, Simple Maintenance for All Your Locations

When your estate covers multiple countries across Europe, it takes time to keep them all open and looking great for customers. And finding maintenance providers for each region is a full-time job in itself.

That’s why you will find calling Store Maintenance to look after your estate across Europe so simple and convenient. We provide reactive and planned maintenance along with compliance and testing solutions, available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Just one point of contact unleashes an unrivalled network of experts ready to solve any problem you may have.

Say goodbye to keeping dozens of different suppliers on a maintenance roster. No more keeping up to date with different regional regulations. And no more worrying about chasing up work and managing budgets across borders either.

Maintaining your estate effectively is so much easier when you take a data-driven approach. And with Store Maintenance, we help you harness the power of your CAFM portal.
At each incident we attend, every aspect of our work for you is recorded to build a 360° view of your sites, their repairs and a comprehensive inspections history. You receive rich, detailed reports on your estate and their maintenance, giving you high quality analysis of your costs along with usage of our services to make sure your locations are maintained as efficiently as possible. And your dedicated Account Manager works behind the scenes to help you focus on solving ongoing issues in your estate across Europe. Supporting you to make informed decisions about your maintenance strategy.

We’re trusted by major names in retail across Europe to keep their locations open. Often we solve issues before your customers even realise anything is wrong. And we provide a level of account management and data driven reporting for your estate maintenance that has no equal.

So whether it’s repairing your building structure or just fixing a leaking tap, you only need to contact Store Maintenance Europe.