How Does ServiceChannel Rate Us?

You don’t have to be a huge fan of advertising slogans to know the very famous slogan “We Try Harder”. It was launched by Avis in a landmark marketing campaign that started over 60 years ago in 1962. Back then Avis were vying with Hertz in the fiercely competitive car rental market in the US. And they had been informed that their competitor had, once again, come out on top with a far bigger market share.

Avis really wanted to be better than their rival. And they realised they needed to find a new way to get the attention of customers. Their advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach came up with a new campaign around the slogan ‘We Try Harder’ (it was actually devised by Paula Green, which is all sounding a bit Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen), and it changed Avis’ fortunes almost overnight.

The reason behind this slogan was simple; everyone knew Hertz was the leader in car rental, so Avis wanted to tell the world they would put in more effort to get that Number 1 spot. But it also pushed Avis to work even harder to deliver a better service.

Why are we mentioning all this? Well, it’s very similar to how we feel right now. Here’s why.

What is ServiceChannel?

ServiceChannel, is arguably the number 1 Computer Aided Facilities Management Platform. If you’re involved in Facilities Management then you will very probably have heard of them. ServiceChannel provide a platform that helps you keep your locations properly maintained. With Service Channel you can find contractors and services to solve just about any issue you might have with your premises.

Their platform also helps you to manage the entire process from start to finish as well and removes much of the legwork – and paperwork – from keeping your locations looking both great and safe for everyone. We are a long-term member of the ServiceChannel community and have been delivering our portfolio of repair and inspection services to many of our customers. We can certainly endorse the way it can streamline the whole maintenance procurement and management process.

So we were delighted when ServiceChannel got in touch with some great news. They told us that their users rank Store Maintenance in the top 20% of maintenance service providers globally. To be rated better than 80 out of every 100 competitors in the world is a fantastic achievement. It’s certainly due to the incredible people we have here at Store Maintenance and in our pan-European network of professionals. And we are delighted our customers rate us so highly.

That’s great, but…

But it also means we are not number 1. In terms of the car rental market 60 years ago, we’re Avis, not Hertz. We are rolling our sleeves up and improving every single aspect of our service to be rated even higher next year. In other words, we’re trying harder. Which we see as being great news for anyone who needs repair services for their retail locations. So, if you have been frustrated by slow responses to issues within your premises, or struggle to get a grip on making maintenance across your estate easier to manage, contact us to find out how we will take those headaches away. Because, as the old slogan goes, we try harder.

How does ServiceChannel rate Store Maintenance?


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