Protecting Your Brand During Upgrades

In our latest article, we look at the importance of protecting your brand during upgrades to your retail environment and show an example of our approach.

Providing the very highest standards of customer service while undertaking repairs and upgrades within the property can be a tricky balance to achieve. Having areas of your retail premises exposed while works are ongoing can impact the customer experience. Dust, dirt and noise are most unwelcome. As are unsightly barriers and plastic sheets cordoning off work areas. Closing a location may appear to be the most obvious choice for you. But this will inconvenience clients and is therefore often not an option.

Undertaking the works outside opening hours can minimise any inconvenience to your customers. But this can mean the project taking longer, and costing more, to complete than desired. In some cases access to the location may only be possible during normal working hours.

So, how can you undertake sometimes detailed and extensive repairs or updates while continuing to trade?

A New Take On Protecting Your Brand During Upgrades

This was a problem faced by a flagship retail location in Bond Street, London. The property was due to have 21 new Air Conditioning Fan Coil Units installed by Store Maintenance. These would help provide a comfortable shopping experience for their customers. But the installation process would inevitably present a risk of back-office areas being exposed to visitors to the premises. Also, areas would have to be temporarily closed off for works to be completed with minimal disturbance to staff and customers alike.

Protecting your brand while improving your retail environment by Store Maintenance

Working with their general contractor, Store Maintenance has used custom designed door screens to prevent customers accessing areas being remodelled. These screens provide guidance whilst conforming to the retailer’s brand identity. For a customer, it meant they would not have any visual interruptions during their visit.

With help from Store Maintenance, the retailer has enjoyed minimal disruption to staff and customers through this 16-week project. Helping to maintain their high-end brand image and continue to deliver a premier customer experience.

When protecting your brand during upgrades is vital for you, contact us for professional help and advice.


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