The Summer Guide to Caring For Your HVAC System

With Summer finally making an occasional visit, customers will be expecting your premises to be comfortable place to visit. No-one likes to walk into a retail property and be confronted with stale, hot, sticky air. And for any retailer, having a welcoming environment for customers can make a real improvement in sales.

So it is vital a property provides a comfortable temperature and good air quality for anyone walking through the door. To achieve this, you need a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system which is working correctly.

A good HVAC system is usually quite reliable in service. But inevitably they will begin to develop minor faults which will impact on the comfort of your premises. Regular inspections and maintenance help to avoid this happening. Here is a simple guide to what Store Maintenance and our network of expert partners will cover when caring for your HVAC system.

What is HVAC – and Why You Should Maintain It

Before we begin, let’s cover what a HVAC system is. HVAC is a catch-all name for the components that keep your retail premises at an ideal temperature. They can be quite simple or complex, depending on your needs. They are also usually installed discretely. Pipework and electrical wiring may be hidden above suspended ceilings and wall partitions. This can make major faults time-consuming or disruptive to fix. Which is why it is better to be proactive with caring for your HVAC system. Often, critical issues that need costly work can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Having a maintenance plan for your HVAC system should not be thought of as a cost. In fact, it can make money for your business. When correctly cared for, a HVAC system will be efficient and cost less to run. When they work properly, HVAC systems provide the ideal temperature for your staff and customers. And happy customers are a better for your sales.

Keeping Compliant

The owner or manager of your property is legally obliged to make sure your HVAC system meets set standards and regulations. Your HVAC can have a direct bearing on the safety and wellbeing of people inside the property. It is better to stay on top of a maintenance routine and be confident your HVAC system will pass an inspection.

Who Should Maintain Your HVAC system?

Any HVAC system should be maintained by an experienced professional. This is in part mandated by law. Which makes maintenance of your HVAC system not only vital, but also ensuring who does the work is competent is just as important.

With a professional maintainer, issues are found faster. Repairs last longer, Your HVAC system will operate to the best of its abilities. And your sales will be higher.

The Typical Tasks In HVAC Maintenance

When you have your HVAC system in a maintenance schedule, it will undergo regular checks. Several items will be inspected and parts replaced. These can include:

Operations Check

Checking how your HVAC system performs is key to ensuring reliable management of the temperature and air quality. Ensuring the system reacts promptly to settings or changes inside the store is one example task to check the system is operating efficiently.


A HVAC system can get clogged up quite quickly with dirt and debris. This can be from the merchandise you are retailing, for example fabric particles.  A regular check and clean out prevents the HVAC system from overworking, causing potential long-term damage.


A HVAC system uses filters to keep air clean. Over time these can begin to block or fail, impacting performance. When these filters are cleaned or replaced they can make a noticeable difference to the air quality inside a property.

Electric & Management Systems

A HVAC system relies on the electrical elements to operate correctly. From a simple thermostat to a comprehensive management board, if the controls are not operating properly then it is the HVAC system itself which suffers. Testing these on a regular basis will prevent faults from developing into serious issues.


A HVAC system which is leaking can pose a real risk to your premises. At best it can be a nuisance. At worst, it could ruin stock and force the location to close. A leak is also not confined to water. If you have air-conditioning, the gas can be harmful to the environment. Any leaks must be resolved immediately.

Regular Inspections

Regular check are the most cost-effective approach to HVAC maintenance. An experienced professional will know what to look for, spot problems before they become serious, and repairs made faster. Saving you money in the long run.

Get Your HVAC System Maintained Before Summer Gets Into Gear.

Store Maintenance has the largest network of vetted tradespeople across the UK ready to care for your HVAC system. Whether you have a new installation or need your established system inspected, we provide expert contractors to support and care for your HVAC systems from day one.

Contact us today and discover how we can transform your HVAC system into an efficient heating and cooling service in your retail property.


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