Which Country In Europe Has The Most Bank Holidays?

Here’s a little trivia question for you. Which country in Europe has the most Bank Holidays? The answer might surprise you, but it certainly isn’t the Netherlands, which actually has the least – just 7. The UK is only just ahead with 8 days. In fact, only one country across Europe makes it into the top 10 with most public holidays worldwide.

While we mention global rankings, top of the list goes to Nepal with an outstanding 35 days off. The total for India is even higher at 42, but 25 of these are restricted holidays so in reality it falls back behind Hong Kong which gives residents 17 days off.

As a follow-up question, which European country is going to have the next Bank Holiday? A small clue; it isn’t Denmark, Norway or, perhaps now unsurprisingly, the Netherlands. For anyone in these three countries, they have a long wait until Christmas Day for their next day off.

Knowing when all the public holidays take place across Europe can be time-consuming to find out. But having this information to hand can be very useful if you work across Europe. It can certainly save you time otherwise spent trying to contact someone at work in Europe, only to discover they are closed for the day.

Now you can forget trying to find all the public holidays around Europe. Luckily, we have a handy map which shows you the upcoming holidays across Europe for the rest of 2024. You can find it below, showing the countries and their next holiday dates.

Oh, and the European country with the most holidays? It’s Liechtenstein, with 20 days each year.


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