Your Options When Maintaining Your Locations

A typical retail premises has multiple areas that will need to be looked after. There are the obvious tasks that need regular attention. For example, electrical inspections and repairs. Then there are the less routine or visible. These can be door security, or security systems. You can take different approaches to maintain retail locations. So let’s take a look at the options you have, and how the final approach actually delivers high standards of work in a cost-effective manner.

The ‘Jack of all trades’ approach

The first option is to retain the services of someone to look after all the commonplace jobs that crop up in your property. This service might cover most of the general maintenance needs in a store.

This generalist approach can deliver a good service overall. But, for problems requiring more specialist knowledge, such as security or fire systems, an experienced and qualified professional should be called in.

Develop your own roster of specialists

An second approach is to find a series of trades that specialise in the wide range of maintenance tasks within your property.  For each area you will have a main provider with a backup service too.

While this approach can help improve the standard of work, the flip side is having to manage a long list of suppliers. This will take up a lot of time to manage. And if these specialists are in demand from other clients they might not respond quickly. Which could result in closing the store before your preferred trades person arrives.

Outsource to a service provider employing tradesmen

The third option is to outsource the maintenance to a company who employs a team of service personnel. This can be a popular approach for retailers.

However, these directly employed teams deliver a variety of services. They are much the same as the Jack-of-all-trades approach. The result is your retail locations may not receive the same standard of work that a dedicated tradesman would deliver.

Our Advice: Have your services provided by an outsourced network

Having looked at the options available, how can your retail locations receive the very best maintenance services without the time and resource required to manage them all yourself? The answer is to outsource to a managed network of specialists.

This option ensures your retail properties are cared for by a professional with long-term experience in their trade. So, when you need floor tiles replaced you are visited by flooring contractors. If you need a door re-hanging, a carpenter will drop by. And if you need your fire alarm signage inspected, you will have a professional with the experience and know-how to check your system properly. The work is completed to the highest standards. Your locations look better than ever. And you only need to remember a single source to have any problems across your estate handled promptly.

There is also a bonus to this approach. Where you have previously engaged the services of a dedicated trade and wish to keep them, their service can be incorporated into the maintenance agreement. They become part of the managed network and continue to visit your properties when required.

Get the perfect approach to retail maintenance

This managed network approach is precisely what we provide. Our UK and European-wide network of professionals consists of over 250 providers/partners/contractors and access to over 2,000 engineers. All have many years of experience under their belt. They all carry the tools and possess the knowledge to resolve issues. And they know how to bring your retail locations back up to the highest standards. Keeping your staff happy and attracting more customers.

So, when you are looking at the best way to keep your retail locations safe and looking their very best, you should talk to us. With a network of vetted trades across the UK and Europe, we bring the very best people to your premises to inspect, repair and certify your properties.


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