Protecting your property in a storm

There are three things we will all experience as we seemingly rush headlong towards the end of the year. The nights will get longer. The Christmas songs will seem to start earlier than ever. And the weather will get much worse.

As if on cue, Storm Babet hits the UK this week. In 4 days the UK is going to get a month of rain and gale-force winds. Which means from Cornwall to the Highlands there will be a real risk of leaks, flooding, failed guttering, slipping tiles and associated damage coming to a High Street and Retail Park near you.

Another truism is we always seem to get caught out by the storms that crash across the country. Yet we don’t have to. It’s very simple to prepare your property against the bad weather that’s coming.

We recommend you use our simple tasklist to keep your retail locations ready for any storms that rumble over the horizon. It’s a 3-step guide and it can save you a lot of problems.

Step 1: Before the storm

  1. While you have time, bring inside any free-standing assets before they blow away. Signs, furniture, displays, they can all do a lot of damage if they break free.
  2. Similarly, refuse bins should be moved to a sheltered spot and secured, and rubbish bags put away properly.
  3. Check around your location and secure or remove anything that can move around.
  4. Move anything in the close proximity of entrance doors away – these can become dangerous if blown around by high winds through a door. A flying jumper is quite amusing – a narrow display case falling over really isn’t.
  5. Be prepared for bad weather disrupting power or telephone/data lines

Step 2: During the storm

  1. When bad weather hits, stay inside and keep doors and windows shut.
  2. If your property is damaged, wait until the bad weather subsides before you attempt to make any repairs. Hospitals soon fill up with people trying to be heroes during bad weather.

Step 3: After the storm

  1. Take a look round the property and outside for any signs of damage.
  2. Pick up and dispose of any debris around your property before it becomes a danger to others.
  3. Can you see any broken windows and doors, failed signage, or loose roof tiles and guttering?
  4. Does your signage look okay? These can have a real battle with high winds and heavy rain.
  5. Are your power and water on?

If anything appears damaged, don’t attempt to fix broken or faulty items yourself. Call Store Maintenance for a professional to be on site resolving any issues.

If you’re worried about what the coming bad weather might do to your retail properties, you should talk to us now. With a network of vetted trades across the UK and Europe, we can sort out damage caused by storms before it has a chance to harm your revenues.


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